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"Amazing Look"

Our chipped and scratched old floors now look amazing. I can’t believe how well they turned out. Thank you!

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"Polished Floors Instead Of Carpet"

 Our amazing new floors were the finishing touch to our house renovations. I am so glad we decided on the polished floors instead of carpet. Fabulous!

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 A pleasure to deal with for quotes and scheduling of work around my hectic schedule. I am now happier than ever with my shiny new floors.

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 We are getting so many comments on our beautiful new floors. We are very happy and also very happy to recommend you to any of our friends.

About Floor Sanding Brisbane: Timber preparation and polishing

Preparing the floors before sanding

Newly laid floors require nails to be punched and nail holes plugged with coloured putty. As the edgers sand right up to the wall, it is best that skirting boards are not installed. For existing floors, old nails, adhesive, staples, or carpet underlay are removed or punched down. Repairs are made or boards replaced as needed. Sanding starts when complete preparation is done and normally first cut is done using coarse-grit paper to make floor flat.


Preparation of the work area for your timber floors to be sanded

If building, renovating or decorating, schedule the start date for floor sanding in relation to other trade processes.

  • All building work (carpentry, electrical, plastering, plumbing and glazing) should be complete before sanding work starts.
  • All furniture and all floor coverings to be removed from the rooms.
  • Power must be available.
  • Seal rooms so that dust can’t travel into or out of the finished areas. Fireplaces, air vents, or open windows or doorways to be sealed with paper and masking tape. Cover light fittings and curtains with paper or plastic bags.
  • Strangely enough, ants seem to be attracted to polyurethane. To avoid having ants crawl across and spoil your newly finished floor, get a pest treatment before sanding work starts.
  • As some finishes give off strong fumes or need to harden for a few days before furniture can be replaced, consider it may In many instances arrangements should be made for alternative accommodation, bearing in mind the wet floor areas which cannot be walked on in the likelihood of strong fumes if choosing toxic based coatings.

Timber Floor Sanding Process Begins

For timber floor sanding specialized machines are used to complete the job. Most of the time its either large belt or so called drum sanders, also in hard to reach parts of the house such as corners and stairs special edger is used to get it done properly. Floors are sanded and vacuumed to remove dust and then sealed (so dust from other parts of the house don’t contaminate the freshly applied finish).Floor Sanding In Action

Polishing & Finishing

Floors are stained, if required, and depending on the type of finish you prefer, at least two finish coats are applied and then left to harden for a few days. For your floors you have wide selection of different stains and finishes available. You can choose between water-based, oil-based and solvent-based. Picking right finish product after your floors are sanded is extremely important and we will advise you onsite based on colour, gloss and traffic conditions for the area. For more information about stains and finishes for your deck or internal timber floors visit this page.

Floor restoration and Repairs

repairing hardwood floors Replacing damaged or hardwood tongue-and-groove floorboards in not a job for the inexperienced. "Best Floor Sanding" understands how to repair damaged boards or replace sections of boards, then sand and match the finish colour as best as possible. As it is difficult to get perfect results when sanding and colour matching new and aged boards, the best time to repair damaged areas is when you plan to sand and polish the entire floor. Areas we service include: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Ipswich

Flooring Services we offer in Brisbane:

  • Timber floor sanding & polishing
  • Deck Sanding & Polishing
  • Timber Floor restoration

We service great Brisbane Area including: Northside, Southside, Eastern and Western suburbs.

Does not matter where you live in Brisbane: North, South, West Or East side, we can provide you with most efficient and affordable quote. We can work around your tight schedule and complete work, when it is convenient for you. With more then 10 Years experience in the flooring industry our family business can guarantee quality and efficiency of work done, when it comes to any timber floor sanding, polishing, floor restoration, minor repairs and general flooring advice.

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