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Professional Floor Sanding in Brisbane Western Suburbs

Floor Sanding Brisbane Western Suburbs- From $26/Sq.M

sample of floor sanding and polishing western suburbs Brisbane

At Best Floor Sanding, we’ve provided timber floor sanding services to Brisbane’s Western Suburbs for over 10 years. The Western Suburbs are known for beautiful old Queenslanders, and we’ve had extensive experience working with these older timber floors.

Cost of floor sanding in Brisbane Western Suburbs

At Best Floor Sanding, our competitive rates start from
$26m2 + GST depending on complexity, size & finish.
Decks, Sand Only, re coats, H20 Floors are all priced up upon inspection

Once you contact us, we’ll arrange a free site visit to your property at a time convenient and we’ll supply you with an obligation free quote.

How long does floor sanding and polishing take?

The length of time it takes to complete a floor sanding and polishing job in Brisbane Western Suburbs varies depending on the complexity of the project. As a rough guide,
Standard Floors, will take 2-3 days to complete, depending on drying time

Day 1:
All sanding done, punch and putty, first 2 coats applied.
1st coat: High solids primer 20-30mins dry time.
2nd coat: Is Polyurethane 12-48hr dry time.

Day 2 or 3:
Spot punch & putty, light sand, vacuum, damp cloth over whole floor 3 times. The final coat is then applied with a 24hr dry time.
Please note it will still take a few days for the finish to dry before you can use the rooms again. We can advise you on waiting times once you’ve selected the finish you’d like applied.

Unfortunately, we’ve also been called in to repair damage to floors when inexperienced DIY-ers have bitten off more than they can chew. If you are thinking of doing a DIY job on your timber floors here’s some factors you should consider first.

DIY The costs – a time-trap

Firstly if you want to save money by doing your timber floor sanding and polishing yourself; you’ll still need to factor in costs for hiring sanding equipment and for the products you’ll use, like finishes, and putty. While that would still be cheaper than hiring professionals, the bigger cost you need to consider is your own time. Floor sanding and polishing can be a lengthy process, especially if you are doing it for the first time. It takes us two days or more to sand and polish the floors in an entire house; and we have been doing this for over 18 years now. Plus, we have all the equipment and materials onsite that we need, meaning we are not losing time ducking back and forth to Bunnings.

Your floors may need much more than just a sand and polish

Especially if you own an older house, like a traditional Queenslander, the second factor you’ll want to consider is whether your timber floors need repairs or treatment prior to sanding. At Best Floor Sanding we can expertly replace warped, cracked or otherwise damaged timber boards, and then sand and colour match them with the rest of the floor. This is no simple task, so if you’ve got damaged boards, or you’re not sure whether your floor needs any other prep prior to sanding, we strongly recommend calling in professionals.

Finally, getting sanding wrong can be costly

To give your floors a proper sand, you’ll need to hire a belt sander or drum sander. Unfortunately when you hire equipment, you have no idea how well it’s been looked after. At Best Floor Sanding we only use quality equipment, maintained to high standards, ensuring a flawless job, which is why we continue to make new customers in Brisbane’s Western suburbs. If you hire equipment, it may be old or damaged in some way. It could do things like vibrate too much, creating what’s known as chatter marks in the flooring (wavy lines).

sample of floors work done

Your equipment could let you down, but your lack of experience could too. Belt sanders are actually not that easy to use well. You need to maintain a consistent pressure, move the machine in close-to-perfect straight lines and use the right sanding paper at each stage of the job. If you don’t, you could end up with drag marks, depressions and ugly scratches in your timber floors.

The worst part is, you might not even notice these mistakes until you’ve applied the finish. The finish will actually highlight flaws; and believe us when we say this is not the stage that you want to realise the damage!

If you get it wrong, you’ll have invested time and money only to make your floors look worse.

Hire professionals from the start. We offer great rates for floor sanding to Brisbane’s Western Suburbs. Contact us today for a free quote

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