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Polished Floorboards v’s Carpet

September 7, 2015
If you are a homeowner that was lucky enough to purchase a house with polished floorboards or made the smart decision to choose polished floors for your home then read on


We say ‘lucky’ and ‘smart’ as polished floorboards are a good decision for many reasons. Firstly, polished floorboards are much cleaner and safer for your family. There are many proven facts about viruses that can survive in carpet for up to a month. These viruses can make humans sick, especially infants that are still crawling. Houses with smokers or pets are especially susceptible to germs or carcinogenic toxins in their carpets. 
Even the process of cleaning carpet is hazardous. Vacuum cleaners pick up dust from the carpet but when the dirt and dust sits in a vacuum cleaner for a period of time it is a breading ground for bacteria. When a vacuum cleaner is in use it can omit the same sort of germs into the air that is found in a bathroom after a toilet has flushed. The process of cleaning carpet can also make your family sick! 

Polished Floorboards

Polished floorboards, on the other hand, are quick and easy to clean and do not bread bacteria like carpet does. If you have children, toddlers or pets, polished floors are the best option for little messes that regularly occur. 
Apart from the elegant look of polished floorboards – they also have longevity. Polished floorboards will outlast the life of any carpet but like anything in your home, maintenance is required to ensure the longevity. 

Maintenance of Polished Floorboards

To maintain or restore your floors, sanding and polishing is required. Depending on the amount of traffic the surface endures will depend on how often the maintenance is required but the time frame between sanding and polishing is usually several years if done correctly. 
You could to take a risk and do the sanding and polishing yourself but why would you when you can get a professional, first class job done at a very competitive price. Best Floor Sanding has been in the business a long time and has the most time efficient workflow. This means your floors are restored or maintained in minimal time without compromising quality. Apart from the very competitive price and first class quality, your family will be displaced for the minimum amount of time. 
polished floor maintenance

Low Price Does Not Equal Low Quality

The cost does slightly vary depending on the condition of the floor and the amount of repairs required to ensure a smooth surface. But we have experience, knowledge of all the tricks of the trade, high tech equipment and only use the best products. Our aim is to ensure your floors are sanded, polished and prepared to endure high traffic. Any floors sanded by Best Floor Sanding will have minimal damage and wear due to the high quality of our products and service. We can make this claim as we have been doing this for a long time and have many happy customers as proof. 
With your polished floorboards we also provide advice on the best maintenance methods. Most of the time it is as simple as running a broom mop over the top…simple, easy, effective and most of all clean. 
Electostatic mops trap dust and dirt
Call us today to discuss removing carpet and polishing your floorboards or maintaining your existing polished floorboards.