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Stains and Finishes For Your Timber Floors

There are a wide range of brands and types of floor stains and finishes available. Selecting the right finish for your floor is important, and our staff can advise you on the best option given the traffic level, colour, gloss level and maintenance you prefer.

Water-based Finishes

Wattyl water-based finish

The common water-based finishes for floors are one pack polyurethane, making them easy to apply and quick drying. Interior wood floors can be coated in a single day.

Being hardwearing, these finishes are good for medium traffic areas where you want to highlight the the floor’s natural grain and colour.

If you plan to live or work in the building during the sanding and finishing, low odour, quick drying water-based finishes are a good choice.

Oil-based Finishes

Oil-based finish

The traditional oil-based finishes use a combination of synthetic resins with tung or linseed oil to achieve a durable finish for wooden floorboards of all floor polishing and finishes available.

Tough and durable, oil-based polyurethanes suit most types of timber and parquetry flooring in areas with heavy traffic. Available in a gloss or satin finish that enhances the timber’s natural grain, these finishes are also easy to maintain and repair.

Solvent-based Polyurethanes

Bona Traffic Non Yellowing Timber Floor Polishing

Solvent based polyurethane finishes achieve a durable hard finish that may darken over time. Highly resistant to dents and scratches, they are the ideal choice for heavy traffic areas. These products do release a strong odour, making it preferable for residents to vacate the premises during and just after the application.