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Most Reliable Floor Polishing & Floor Sanding On The Gold Coast

Floor Sanding on Gold Coast – From $29 per SQ. Meter

Best Floor Sanding provides a floor sanding and polishing service that is going to increase the value of your home and make your visitors say wow! We are Gold Coast professionals that have first hand experience sanding internal and external timber floors that cater for a coastal life style and withstands the harsh Gold Coast climate.

How much does it cost?

floor sanded on Gold coast

The cost is dependant on a few factors: the size of the area that is being sanded, condition of the timber, finishes required and if you require removal of current floor coverings. We provide a removal and disposal service for current floor coverings at a minimal cost. Our competitive quotes provide you with a comprehensive description of inclusions.
At Best Floor Sanding, our competitive rates start from
$24m2 + GST depending on complexity, size & finish.
Decks, Sand Only, re coats, H20 Floors are all priced up upon inspection.

The Team & Equipment

Our team consists of staff members that have been specifically trained to use our high tech gear. We use top of the range equipment that minimises vibration causing less dust and provides the highest quality finish. As we use expensive equipment we do not use contractors, only well trained experienced staff that look after our gear, your floors and your house or office.

What is the process and how long does it take?

Timber Floor Sanding and polishing on Gold Coast, QLD

One of our experienced staff members will visit your house to give you a competitive quote at a time that is suitable for you. When a job is given the go-ahead, the same staff member will then provide you with a schedule of works so you can arrange for furniture to be removed and alternative accommodation if strong finishes are required for your floors.
The length of time it takes depends on the complexity of the project. As a rough guide,
Standard Floors, will take 2-3 days to complete, depending on drying time
Day 1:
All sanding done, punch and putty, first 2 coats applied.
1st coat: High solids primer 20-30mins dry time.
2nd coat: Is Polyurethane 12-48hr dry time.
Day 2 or 3:
Spot punch & putty, light sand, vacuum, damp cloth over whole floor 3 times. The final coat is then applied with a 24hr dry time.
Please note it will still take a few days for the finish to dry before you can use the rooms again. We can advise you on waiting times once you’ve selected the finish you’d like applied.

Toxic and Non-Toxic Finishes

Depending on the condition of the timber, what elements the timber is exposed to and the finish required will depend on what finish we use. Some are toxic, meaning we will be wearing breathing apparatus and you will need to relocate for a short amount of time until the floors are dry.

Why choose us?

We are the best in the business and we happily support that claim by guaranteeing all work. After being in the floor sanding business for over 18 years, we have thousands of happy customers on the Gold Coast and guarantee you will be one of them too.