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Affordable Floor Sanding in Brisbane Northside

About Floor Sanding Brisbane Northside – From $26 per SQ.Meter

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Best Flooor Sanding – Brisbane Northside floor sanding specialists have been operating for over 10 years, transforming floors and adding value to your home. We treat all jobs with equal importance no matter how big or small.

Cost of floor sanding in Brisbane Northside?

This is one of the first questions homeowners will ask.

At Best Floor Sanding in Brisbane Northside , our competitive rates start from
$26m2 + GST final quote depends on complexity, size & finish.
Decks, Sand Only, re coats, H20 Floors are all priced up upon inspection.

Once you contact us, we’ll arrange a free site visit to your property at a time convenient and we’ll supply you with an obligation free quote.

How long does floor sanding and polishing take?

The length of time it takes to complete a floor sanding and polishing job in Brisbane Northside, varies depending on the complexity of the project. As a rough guide,
Standard Floors, will take 2-3 days to complete, depending on drying time

Day 1:
All sanding done, punch and putty, first 2 coats applied.
1st coat: High solids primer 20-30mins dry time.
2nd coat: Is Polyurethane 12-48hr dry time.

Day 2 or 3:
Spot punch & putty, light sand, vacuum, damp cloth over whole floor 3 times. The final coat is then applied with a 24hr dry time.Please note it will still take a few days for the finish to dry before you can use the rooms again. We can advise you on waiting times once you’ve selected the finish you’d like applied.

Other Floor Sanding and Polishing questions

How to tell when floors require sanding?

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As floor sanding specialists for Brisbane Northside, we find we get asked one question a lot: how do I tell if my timber floors need sanding and polishing?

If you’ve recently bought a new house, and have timber floors for the first time, you’d be forgiven for not knowing when it’s time for your floors to get some attention.

As a general guide, we recommend you have your floors polished and sanded every 10-15 years (dependent on wear and tear). This helps to increase the life span of your floors (plus it obviously makes them look amazing). However, if you’ve just moved in, and don’t know when the floors were last treated, the above timeframe won’t help you. Instead you’ll need to look for visual cues.

Some of the signs that your timber floors need sanding and polishing include:

  • When the timber loses its sheen or the sheen/colour is unevenly distributed
  • When the timber has numerous dents and scratches.
  • When the finish is peeling off the timber (this indicates that the floors were incorrectly prepped in the first place and unfortunately it often means re-sanding as well as applying a new finish).
  • When water or another liquid has penetrated the finish itself, or worse the timber (if it’s just a surface stain you should be able to remove it with a wood floor cleaner).

Protect your timber floors to reduce frequency of sanding and polishing

Our top tip for ensuring your timber floors stay looking good for longer is to ensure you hire a professional company to do the work. Make sure you check out their reviews before accepting their quote. We’ve been sanding floors for Brisbane Northside for 10 years and we can always tell when the previous workmanship is shoddy or just plain incompetent.

Beyond hiring experienced professionals, there are a number of really simple things you can do to make your floors go the distance. We recommend you:

  • Lay rugs down in heavy use areas. It’s much easier and cheaper to wash a rug than it is to get scratches and dents out of your floor!
  • Use protective pads on the feet of all pieces of furniture (even small items). Inspect the pads yearly – heavy items can wear down the pads over time and pads can get torn off when pieces of furniture (notably chairs) are moved around.
  • Remove high heeled shoes before walking on timber floors – they are likely to cause dents, especially in softer timbers.
  • If you have pets, make sure you trim their claws regularly. Cat or dog claws are a frequent cause of scratch marks in otherwise flawless timber flooring.
  • Finally – if you don’t already have them – buy doormats for every external door and encourage household members to wipe their shoes before coming in. This is because fine particles of grit, tracked in on shoes, have a sandpaper effect on your wooden floors, eroding the finish.

Looking for professional floor sanders on Brisbane Northside? Look no further! Contact us today.

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