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Floor Polishing

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Choosing the most appropriate floor polishing for your home or office:

  1. You have decided on polished wooden floorboards for your home…
  2. The current flooring has been removed…
  3. The floorboards have been repaired and sanded…
  4. The floor has been cleaned, dried and is ready to polish.
sample of floors work done on Gold Coast

Now what polish is needed for your floorboards?

NOTE: Applying the incorrect polish to your floorboards can result in cracking, bending, clumping or edge bonding.

When choosing a polish or ‘finish’ for your floorboards,

consider the following factors:

  • The type and size of timber floorboards – thin and wide boards require different treatment.
  • The age of the floorboards
  • Climate – such as excessive heat, humidity or air conditioning
  • Season – floors laid in Winter could crack in Summer if not treated correctly
  • How the floor area will be utilised – e.g. yoga studio or office floor etc.
  • The look you want to achieve – gloss, satin or mat

Once the above factors are considered you can then choose your finish:

  • Penetrating Finish – As the name suggests penetrating finishes are absorbed and protect the wood from within. Waxes have a high gloss appearance and oils achieve a mat or satin look. Both types of penetrating finishes have different purposes.
  • Surface Finish – This finish sits on top forming a clear, protective coating on the wood and is one of the more popular finishes due to its durability, water resistance and low maintenance.
  • Composition Finish – Is another coating that provides strength and also allows movement in the wood with reasonable durability.

There are pros and cons to each finish. One of our experienced professionals can go into detail about each and assess your floors and make recommendations that will be best for your floors. So Don’t delay call one of the Best Brisbane Floor Polishers Today!