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Floor Sanding Expert in Redcliffe

Floor Sanding Redcliffe- From $26/Sq.M

Best Floor Sanding has been in the timber floor sanding and polishing industry for over 10 years. This means we’ve gained extensive experience working with all different types of timber flooring – from 20th century Australian hardwoods to modern imported timbers and more. An inexperienced floor sander may not know the differing qualities of different timber boards and make novice mistakes that will affect the final look of your floors. We know exactly how to work with each timber type found in Redcliffe homes and can advise you on the best finishes, bringing about your desired look.

Cost of floor sanding in Redcliffe

At Best Floor Sanding, our competitive rates start from
$26m2 + GST depending on complexity, size & finish.
Decks, Sand Only, re coats, H20 Floors are all priced up upon inspection

How long does floor sanding and polishing take?

Redcliffe Floor Sanding & Polishing

The length of time it takes to complete a floor sanding and polishing job in Redcliffe varies depending on the complexity of the project. As a rough guide,
Standard Floors, will take 2-3 days to complete, depending on drying time

Day 1:
All sanding done, punch and putty, first 2 coats applied.
1st coat: High solids primer 20-30mins dry time.
2nd coat: Is Polyurethane 12-48hr dry time.

Day 2 or 3:
Spot punch & putty, light sand, vacuum, damp cloth over whole floor 3 times. The final coat is then applied with a 24hr dry time.
Please note it will still take a few days for the finish to dry before you can use the rooms again. We can advise you on waiting times once you’ve selected the finish you’d like applied.

Free site visit and quote puts your mind at ease

We provide a free site visit and quote as part of our floor sanding service to Redcliffe. A site visit means we can not only gauge the size and scale of the job but also identify any issues your timber floors may have. For instance, you might have some warped or damaged boards needing replacement or, older timbers requiring extra care. Our attention to detail enables us to provide you with an accurate, itemised quote so you know what you’re getting. 

Quality means investing time

No matter how big or small the job, we ensure our work meets our stringent standards by investing time to complete ALL the required tasks thoroughly. We won’t cut corners on you. For instance, most floors require all nails to be punched down before sanding; this is a task that can sometimes be neglected by inexperienced or ‘too-casual’ operators. We take the time to punch down all nails because, if we don’t, your floor can start to move around too much. This can cause the dreaded ‘floorboard creaks’ and/or crack the finish. We also take the time to ensure the sanding process is even, consistent and smooth, especially around awkward edges and stairwells. We want our Redcliffe based customers to be satisfied with our work for years and years to come and for that reason; we invest the hours to do the job properly.

High standards across the board

sample of floors work done

As well as the commitment to taking the time to do the job properly, we are also committed to using the best equipment and the best products on your floors. Old or poorly maintained floor sanding equipment can damage your floors, creating swirls or wavy lines (known as chatter marks). These marks will stand out vividly once the finish is applied. For this reason, we only use high-grade, industrial standard equipment that is regularly maintained and looked after. Our floor sanding professionals are all trained in how to use the machine and how to avoid common mistakes.  

We are also committed to using top quality products on your floors. This means we only recommend high grade finishes from trusted brands that will last the distance. If you opt for a cheap finish, you could be forced to replace it within a couple of years. If a cheap finish peels or wears unevenly you’re potentially looking at a full sanding job again!  

As quality floor sanders for Redcliffe we get the job right the first time, saving you money down the track.